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169899: Prevent a Child From Entering Foster Care - JH

Needed - 7-10 days
Received: Apr 10 2024

The Department of Social Services is working with a family that includes a mother and her two female daughters due to neglect. The two children have a very limited amount of clothing which the family would like to have clothing for the children.

The girls wear the following sizes:
Size 10 pants. Large shirts. Large bras. Size 8 pants. Medium shorts. Shoes 8.5. Socks 9-11. Underwear.

Thank you.

Needs: First Girl Shoes size 8.5, Both girls large underwear, Second Girl Size 8 pants, Both girls socks size 9-11, Second Girl Shoes size 8.5, Both girls Medium Shorts, First Girl Size 10 pants, Both girls large bras, Both girls Large shirts
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169564: Help Improve a Child's Safety/Wellbeing - JH

Needed - 7-10 days
Received: Apr 09 2024

The Department is working with a Single Mother of 7 children with some having disabilities, she is having trouble supervising the children appropriately. Child age 4 with autism has gotten out of the house at least 4 times and was found by neighbors down the street.

The family is in need of 2 Tall baby gates that mount to the wall, tracking tool for the 4 year old (some sort of bracelet or tag that has gps), child proofing items, including outlet covers, door knob covers, and cabinet locks.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
F16, M15, F14, M11, M4, F3, M1

Needs: 1 - First Baby Gate, 3 - child proofing items, including outlet covers, door knob covers, and cabinet locks, 2 -Second Baby Gate, 4 - Personal GPS tracker
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163348: Help Preserve an Adoptive Placement- JH

Needed - 7-10 days
Received: Feb 19 2024

Two young siblings, extremely close in age, are in the process of finding permanency through adoption with a single foster parent who has been caring for them both since their births. This foster parent is in need of convertible car seats and cribs to help meet the needs of the siblings as they grow. The specific seats and cribs requested to best meet the needs are linked below:

Car seats


Needs: Car Seat 1 of 2, Car Seat 2 of 2, Crib 1 of 2, Crib 2 of 2
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