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70920: 6 Kids Relocated: Fridge Needed - JH

Needed - 7-10 days
Received: Aug 18 2021

Our Department is currently involved with a two-family household with 6 children ranging from 0 to 12 years old, one of the families just relocated to our county suddenly from another state. The children are in need of clothing for school.

Girls size 16 pants, Adult small shirts or junior M/L , underwear and socks; boys size 7 pants, 8 shirts, underwear (boxer), socks, size boys 2 shoes; girls size 6 pants and tops, size 12 shoes; boys size 6 tops and bottoms, underwear and socks size 13 shoes; boys size 12 month fall clothes, size 5 shoes and size 5 diapers; Girls junior size 9 pants, tops medium junior, underwear (boy shorts size 8).
They are also in need of a bunk bed with mattresses and bedding, a refrigerator, stove, a dresser or totes, and 2 booster seats.

The household is also in need of school supplies for 5 of the school-aged children. Supplies in need include: spiral notebooks, #2 pencils, glue sticks, 2-pocket folders, composition notebooks, scissors, bookbags, 1 in binders, loose leaf papers, index cards, sheet protectors, pencil boxes, and any other school-related items available.

Needs: Girls size 16 pants, Girls junior size 9 pants, Gril tops medium junior,, School Supplies Child 1, School Supplies Child 2, School Supplies Child 3, School Supplies Child 4, School Supplies Child 5, Refrigerator, Underwear and Socks for all kids listed
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Help Improve a Child's Well-being-Request 68523-TMD-

Needed - 7-10 days
Received: Jul 15 2021

The Department has become involved in this case due to an unsafe home environment, improper supervison and lack of a safe bed for the child to sleep in. The family is also in need of a futon style couch to provide additional seating and sleeping for the family.

Needs: 1 Toddler Bed, 1 set toddler sheets, 1 Toddler Mattress, 1 small couch or loveseat
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