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48609: Help Strengthen a Bio Family: washing machine - JH

Needed - 7-10 days
Received: Aug 04 2020

The Department is currently working with a mother and her 6 children. The mother is currently unemployed due to COVID 19 and has very little income. The mother currently lives in the home with her 6 children. The Department is working with the mother to help ensure their basic well-being needs are met. The mother is in need of a washing machine to assist her family with keeping their clothing clean. Thank you for your assistance.

Needs: washing machine
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Request #47931 - Help Strengthen a Bio Family AG

Needed - 7-10 days
Received: Jul 23 2020

Our Department is currently working with a family due to concerns of
missed medical appointments for a terminally ill child. This case involves
a single mother with 5 children. The family recently moved out of a home
they shared with another family member into their own home. The mother
spent most of her monthly income on the deposit and first month's rent. The family is in need of 5 twin beds, 5 dressers, a couch and love seat, bed linens for each bed, towels, wash cloths, dishes, silverware and air
conditioner and washer and dryer. The mother is also in need of gas cards
to get disabled child to appointments twice a week.
The family has 4 boys and 1 girl / Ages 8, 11, 10, 14,and 15

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Needs: Dryer, Dresser #2, Dresser #5, Gas Card, Silverware, Couch, Twin Bed - Purchase at Sweet Dreams, Twin Bed Set 3, Twin Bed Set 1, Twin Bed Set 5, Towels Set of 6, Dresser #3, Air Conditioner, Dresser #4, Love Seat, Washer, Dresser #1, Dishes Set of 6, Twin Bed Set 4, Twin Bed Set 2
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