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Help Improve a Child's Well-being - Request #38010

Needed - 7-10 days
Received: Nov 25 2019

The Department is working with a young couple who is homeless. The mother recently gave birth and made a plan for the baby to stay with the paternal grandmother. The grandmother is in need of a baby crib, pack and play, and newborn diapers and wipes.

**Crib is already being provided.

Needs: pack and play, wipes, New Born Diapers - 1 box, New Born Diapers - 1 box, Diapers Size 1 - 1 box
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Help Strengthen a Bio Family - Request #37801

Needed - 7-10 days
Received: Nov 20 2019

Our Department is working with a family, the father is the only one working and makes minimum wage. There are 4 children. The family has contacted Terminex for a quote of $378.30 to complete treatment for the home (3 treatment sessions for $105 each session and an initial service charge of $75) which would need to be paid before treatment can be scheduled. The family does not have a credit card and cannot afford the cost for treatment. The family is also in need of shoes, winter clothing, and coats for all of the children. The 12 year old is wearing size adult large clothes and 8 shoe, the 4 year old girl is wearing size 7/8 clothes and kids 10 shoe, the 3 year old girl is wearing size 5T clothes and 6/7 shoe, the 1 year old boy is wearing size 2T and shoe size unknown. The mother is also pregnant and the family does not have anything for the baby. They are also in need of a crib for the baby and a toddler bed for the 2 year old. The family would also benefit from cleaning supplies for upkeep of the home.

Needs: boys size 2T shoes, girls size 5T pants, boys size 2T shirts, girls size 5T shirts, cleaning supplies, girl size 7/8 pants, girls size 10 shoes, girls size 6/7 shoes, girl size 7/8 shirts, boys size 2T pants, toddler bed- delivered to family, baby crib/mattress delivered to family, Terminex Treatment ($378.30)-contact cove church volunteer if interested
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Help a family in Need-Request 37661

Needed - 7-10 days
Received: Nov 18 2019

The Department is working with a family due to domestic violence. The mother took necessary steps to keep the children safe and is now raising four children on her own. There is a 17 year old girl, 16 year old girl, 14 year old girl and 13 year old boy. The family is in need of bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths. They would also like a towel rack for the bathroom and have asked for help with toilet paper. The family is in need of winter clothes as well.

Needs: 6 bath towels, bra size 36C-new, ladies socks-new, towel rack for bathroom, boys size 29/30 pants/jeans, girls size 9 pants/jeans, bra/sport size 32A-new, underwear ladies size 8, boys socks-new, girls medium shirts, ladies size 7 pants, ladies medium shirts, ladies large shirts, boys boxer briefs size 10-new, 6 hand towels, ladies underwear size 5-new, bra/sports size 38B-new, toilet paper, boys medium shirts, 6 wash clothes, bra/sports size 32B- new, ladies size 14 pants, girls size 3 pants/jeans, underwear ladies size 8-new
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